Anita Komorski

May 22, 2016 Founding Member, Piano, Organ, Keyboard Instructor, Administrator

As administrator of the academy, Anita still finds time to teach beginners and intermediate students on piano, organ and keyboards.  She specializes in the beginner student and always enjoys getting a student off on the right foot!  Using various proven methods, she instills basic music skills with confidence.  Students can look forward to learning music they know, and can enjoy playing right from the beginning. Whether a young child eager to learn, or and adult that has always wanted to play, Anita enjoys seeing them learn and understand the basics of music.  Many adults don’t think they can do it but that isn’t true.  Anyone can play piano and enjoy music as a hobby.  It’s never too late to start, and she has several seniors she teaches that are warding off Alzheimer’s by learning the piano!   Anita has been working with students since 1978 and takes pride in each one that realize they are actually reading and playing music!

She also handles the day to day business and administration of the academy.  You will generally talk to her when you sign up for lessons, or if you have any questions or problems.  She assigns students to the various faculty members according to openings on each teachers schedule and tries to match the students schedule with the teacher.  Anita handles all aspects of the business with great attention to detail and feels the students’ education is of the highest priority.  Feel free to contact her with any and all questions regarding the academy.