Carron Janssen

May 22, 2016 Piano & Keyboard Instructor

Carron has been part of our musical family since she took lessons as a child from Don.  We watched her graduate from high school, and get her B.A. in music education from Elmhurst College.  She currently teaches full time for Dist. U46, and part time for us on Fridays.  Joining our faculty in 1998, she loves all types of music, and teaches piano and keyboards.  It is a tribute to her to say that after teaching music all day to multiple classes, she still loves to come in and work privately with even more students!  She enjoys the progress of the beginning student, as well as helping already accomplished players reach higher goals.  Being involved with young people daily has kept her involved in current musical genres, and she uses a lot of current artist material to supplement the methods and make learning enjoyable.  Carron and her husband enjoy going to Hawaii on vacations, and hope to retire there someday.  She is an avid sports fan as well as enjoying her grown children and little grandchildren.