Tom Hultsch

Jan 14, 2020 Guitar Instructor

Tom has been playing guitar since he was thirteen.  He began teaching guitar at seventeen.  He comes from a musical family with parents that also played and taught musical instruments.  As a musically well-educated performer, Tom teaches all forms of notation as well as the rudiments of the guitar.  He believes you need to learn the basics to be able to play any type of music, so those fundamentals are a prerequisite for playing current material.  He is up to date on current material and genres and will teach them as his students’ progress.  Teaching the basics of music theory while using a student’s favorite song helps students see how those fundamentals relate to music.  He also has an extensive sound engineering background, and has produced, mixed, and engineered songs for his band, Gypsyfly.  His albums have met with approval and have been played on major radio stations.  For more information on his band, visit the Gypsyfly website.